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Alcatel Tablets Are Now Exclusive to Flipkart in India, TCL Announces at CES 2018

China-based TCL Communication, which sells Alcatel devices in India, announced at CES 2018 that it will sell Alcatel tablets exclusively through Flipkart.
The partnership will make Flipkart an exclusive sales partner for large screen devices in the region, leveraging their expertise to jointly develop, market and distribute Alcatel products.
"We hope this partnership turns into an efficient model for us to scale up with similar partners in other growth markets," Christian Gatti, Global President, Alcatel Business Division and Executive Vice President, TCL Communication, said in a statement.
Alcatel's percentage share on Flipkart in India is at 15.1 percent among large-screen tablets.
"In fact, A3 10 has been the best-selling tablet on our platform for the last three months. This has prompted us to enter into this partnership with Alcatel where together, we will provide latest developments in consumer technology to our customers," added Adarsh Menon, Vice President and Head-Electronics and Private Labels, Flipkart.
TCL Communication designs, manufactures and markets mobile and Internet products and services under three key brands -- TCL, Alcatel and BlackBerry.
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Guest Vayzorooz
Guest Vayzorooz от 9 February 2018 02:11
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ноутах и даже на старом ведре без скачивания и установки на компьютер
вся тема расписана ЗДЕСЬ работает 100% а самое важное всё Бесплатно - Полбзуйтесь!!!
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