» » Realme 3 Pro receives stable update to Realme UI and Android 10

Realme 3 Pro receives stable update to Realme UI and Android 10

 Yordan 17 January 2020Realme Android Firmware Updates
Realme UI was officially introduced earlier this week, and today we have the first stable update for a Realme smartphone. The lucky phone is Realme 3 Pro, and users will get an interface that is based on Color OS7 and Android 10 and brings some new design solutions and a trio of fancy new features.

Realme 3 Pro receives stable update to Realme UI and Android 10
The update for the Realme 3 Pro is rolling out in waves, so if you haven’t received a notification, wait a couple of days. There’s also the possibility to have Automatic Updates turned off, so head to Settings and turn the notification on so you don’t miss out. Usually a small range of devices is getting the first wave, and if there’s nothing critical, all devices should follow. Here’s the complete changelog of the RMX1851EX_11_C.01 package:


Updated UI to realme UI;
Brand new Real Design makes visuals more attractive and operation more efficient.

Smart Sidebar

Optimized user interface and improved one-handed operation;
Optimized Smart Sidebar: Replaced File Console with File Manager; removed OSIE Visual Effect and No Notification Alerts;
Drag an app out of Smart Sidebar to open it in Split-screen Mode;
Added two new features: "Assistive Ball Opacity” and "Hide Assistive Ball on Fullscreen App”;
Optimized the Floating Window feature for more apps;
Added Bubbles: A bubble is displayed when you open an app in a floating window from the Smart Sidebar. Tap the bubble to collapse or open the app.


Optimized 3-Finger Screenshot Gesture: Use 3 fingers to touch and hold the screen, and swipe to take a screenshot of the selected part of the screen (partial screen capture). Use 3 fingers to touch and hold the screen, and swipe your fingers outwards to capture a long screenshot;
Added screenshot settings: You can adjust the position of the screenshot preview floating window and set the screenshot sound;
Optimized screenshot preview floating window: After taking a screenshot, drag it up and release it to share it, or drag it down and release to take a long screenshot.

Navigation Gestures 3.0

Optimized New Android 10 navigation gestures;
Optimized gestures: All gestures are supported in landscape mode.


Added Focus Mode: Minimizes outside distractions when you are learning or working;
Added whole new charging animation;
Optimized the Quick Settings user interface for easier one-handed operation;
Added pause feature for screen recording;
Added a floating window and settings for screen recording;
New sounds added for file deletion, calculator key touches, and compass pointer;
Optimized system built-in ringtones;
Added TalkBack floating prompts for Accessibility;
New management feature for recent tasks: You can view the memory of recent tasks and locked apps.


Optimized visual interaction for Game Space;
Optimized loading animation for Game Space.


Added new live wallpapers;
Added artistic wallpapers;
Added option to open Global Search or the notification panel when swiping down on homescreen;
Added option to customize the size, shape, and style of app icons on homescreen;
Optimized the graphic design of password unlock to facilitate one-handed operation;
Support for animated wallpapers on the lockscreen;
Added a Simple Mode for homescreen, featuring larger fonts, icons and a clearer layout.

Random MAC address Generator: When your phone is connected to Wi-Fi network system generates a random MAC address to avoid targeted ads and protect your privacy.


In Quick Settings or Smart Sidebar, you can open Calculator in a floating window;
Added the trim feature in Recordings;
Added the Weather (dynamic) ringtone, which automatically adapts to the current weather;
Added weather-adaptive animations in Weather;
Added audio source selection for screen recording.


Optimized the Camera UI for a better user experience;
Optimized the Timer UI and sound.


Optimized the Album UI for a clearer structure and photo thumbnails;
Added Album Recommendations that recognize more than 80 different scenes.


realme Share now supports sharing files with OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi devices;
Optimized the Contacts UI for a more efficient experience.


Search Settings now supports fuzzy match and contains a search history.


Added Dual Mode Music Share in realme Lab.

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