» » Samsung Galaxy S11 to have a taller 20:9 screen

Samsung Galaxy S11 to have a taller 20:9 screen

It's still early for solid Samsung Galaxy S11 leaks but we're now starting to get a small trickle of them going. First we got word that Samsung will start to test a new 5x periscope telephoto camera for the S11, and now, thanks to a leaked HTML 5 browser test, we get a hint of the Galaxy S11's new display.

The device tested in the HTML 5 benchmark uses the SM-G416U model name, which is a placeholder name Samsung uses when testing its unreleased Galaxy S models. It unsurprisingly runs Android 10 but more interestingly, it packs a 20:9 screen aspect, as evidenced by the mock 384x854px resoluton listed in the benchmark.

Samsung Galaxy S11 could have a taller 20:9 screen
Samsung's Galaxy S10 and Note10 flagships use 19:9 screens while devices like the Galaxy A80 and A70 have taller 20:9 screens.

Samsung Galaxy S11 could have a taller 20:9 screen
It's not clear what Samsung will do with extra length of the screen nor if it will use a pop up selfie camera.

The Galaxy S11 is not expected until next February at the very least so stay tuned for the many leaks and rumors that are bound to pop up in the meantime.
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