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Best gaming laptop for 2019

Getting one of the best gaming laptops is a great feeling. The ability to take your games on the go, while also having a powerful machine for work, media, and browsing is incredibly freeing, and laptops increasingly fit in with the demands of modern life. Problem is that you pay for it. While gaming laptops are sleek pieces of kit, they require a bigger investment than the best gaming PCs, and you rarely get quite the same power from the components inside. Realistically, that only makes a difference when you're maxing out settings on the big triple-A games, and while many laptops offer Max-Q versions of graphics cards and specialist CPUs, some cutting-edge models manage to cram in fully featured versions of the components you use in your desktop.

So, what makes for the best gaming laptop in 2019? While that always depends how far you can stretch your budget, you should really be looking for something with at least an RTX 2060 or 2070 card in there (although we're seeing some decent 1660 Ti builds too, which give you good power for less than $1000), an IPS screen that operates at 120Hz, and an i7 processor. Unless budget really is an issue, don't settle for less than 16GB of RAM, and make sure that your laptop has at least a 256GB SSD (ideally an NVMe variant) for booting. If the primary SSD is that small, always look for secondary storage like a 1TB HDD. Ideally, though, your gaming laptop will have a 1TB SSD as standard. 

The rest is down to you. If you travel plenty, you need good battery life; if you watch loads of movies, consider an OLED screen; if you just need a cheap laptop, sacrifice a little power. Here are our picks of the best gaming laptops this year.

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