» » Blatant Warcraft ripoff goes offline after Blizzard files a lawsuit

Blatant Warcraft ripoff goes offline after Blizzard files a lawsuit

Blatant Warcraft  isn't the only blast from the Azeroth path to come out of Blizzard this month—World of Warcraft lawsuits are also back in the news. The operator of a web-based and mobile game that brazenly ripped off World of Warcraft has halted operations two weeks after Blizzard filed a lawsuit against it. 

As reported by Polygon, Blizzard launched the suit against Chinese game developer Sina Games earlier this month, saying "is almost entirely copied from the Warcraft games and related products." The images on the Glorious Saga Facebook page and Google Play listing (where it's called Glorious World, although the screens still refer to it as Glorious Saga) are obviously lifted from Warcraft, but Blizzard said in its lawsuit that the similarities run much deeper than just that.
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