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The best Warhammer 40K starter set guide, and beginners tips for 2019

The best Warhammer 40K starter sets—indeed, all Warhammer 40K starter sets—start with a grim tone: "In the grim darkness of the future, there is only war". Shiver. However, its bleakness is matched by its accuracy and it sticks in the memory. It's memorable because it is dark and scene-setting; and it is accurate because it's universe is filled with a high quantity of things, races and events that are almost perfectly conducive to war and suffering. For example: chaos-driven daemons that claw into reality; evil space elves that torture people for sustenance; and organisms akin to the worst kind of H.R. Giger-nightmares that invade and erase planets. 

It has long been a rich and fascinating setting and universe, and it is full of different stories and lore, which makes for a consistently enjoyable table top game. This heightens the importance of getting the right, and best, Warhammer 40K starter set as you'll want to hit the ground running, getting neither bogged down in detail, nor bored or underwhelmed by a slow start. But neither of those things will happen if you stick to this guide. It'll have you set, putting you in good shape and ready to enjoy a whole new universe. If you think it might be intimidating, panic not, as tabletop gaming is a logical, bigger, next step in hands-on gaming from the best board games.

Such is its influence and reach, Warhammer 40K has got its hand in many pies, from books to movies and from video games to card games. But the current version of the original tabletop game that remains enormously fun and popular, pulling in man, many thousands across the world. If you're looking to get involved, or re-embrace a hobby from your past, this guide will have you covered in terms of where to start collecting an army, how to get the Warhammer 40K starter sets cheaper, and, of course, get playing straight away.

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