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What is the Pocket-lint daily and how do you get it for free?

Pocket-lint has launched an all-new daily tech newsletter and we wanted to explain more, including how to get it every weekday.

It's free and very easy; you just need to sign up and we'll handle the rest.

Our aim is to give you the top three tech stories of the day, delivered straight to your email inbox around 11am (UK time) each morning, Monday to Friday. That way you can stay informed on the biggest stories throughout the week.

This isn't just an email of links that push you to Pocket-lint, or something that is going to take you hours to read. It is a quick and easily digestible new service to get up to speed with the big tech news of the day, curated by Stuart Miles, Pocket-lint's founder.

To give you a flavour of what to expect, here's the first Newsletter that went out as our first edition:

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Official Samsung Galaxy Flex foldable phone advert leaked
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What's happened?
An official TV advert was inadvertently leaked by Samsung Vietnam, showing what a Samsung's near-future could look like. It hit the headlines because it features Samsung's new foldable phone - rumoured to be launching soon. 

Why does it matter?
Foldable phones are HOT right now with numerous companies either confirming or rumoured to be launching foldable devices as soon as this month. 

Samsung has already confirmed it is developing a foldable phone, and even showed off a clunky looking concept in November 2018, that can transform into a tablet by simply opening it up. 

The Korean manufacturer isn't the only one. In January we saw the launch of the Royole foldable phone, confirmation from Huawei today that it is launching a foldable phone at MWC and rumours/promises from LG, Motorola, Oppo, Sony, and Xiaomi. Even Apple has filed patents on such a device. 

What's the bottom line?
Although it appears that someone at Samsung Vietnam has jumped on the gun on what we suspect is the company's Super Bowl advert, the news is only likely to build excitement for such a device. The verdict is still out on why we need foldable devices - apart from them looking cool - but there will be a lot more discussion to come. 

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A cheaper Nintendo Switch might arrive by early 2019
What's happened?
Nintendo wants to double-down on portability and plans to ditch some features in order to sell a cheaper Nintendo Switch, according to a report from Japanese business daily Nikkei. 

Why does it matter?
The Nikkei report, spotted by Nintendo Everything, claimed Nintendo has already partnered with suppliers and game development companies, and is aiming for an early 2019 release. One such claim is that the company will dump the included docking station and/or reduce the screen size to make a smaller and cheaper device. Either way, a more affordable Switch is a sure-fire way to get the device into the hands of consumers who were put off by the $300 price.

What's the bottom line?
If Nintendo did cut the console dock, it would be strange to retain the name Switch - it has that moniker because you can literally switch between handheld gaming and using your TV as a display. While the Switch has already achieved bumper sales for Nintendo, it's not yet reaching the high aspirations the company has for it. Reducing the price by diversifying the range could be one way to achieve greater sales. 
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