» » Xur location and items: Where is the snake-faced bastard this week?

Xur location and items: Where is the snake-faced bastard this week?

If, like me, you're already blown your Legendary Shard life savings on acquiring Bad Juju, you might want to pass on a visit to Destiny 2's weekend vendor. And if not, here's how to get the gun. To be honest, Xur's stock is pretty lackluster this time (shocking, I know) but if you are determined to do some shopping, you can find him in the Rig area of Titan. Head left from spawn and he's inside the room down to the right. If in doubt, look for the name tags of other players browsing his wares disconsolately.

Xur sells a specific armor piece for each class, at 23 Legendary Shards, and an exotic weapon for 29 Legendary shards. He's available for trade from 9.00 AM PST / 1.00 PM EST / 4.00 PM GMT, and leaves when the game resets on Tuesday. Here's what what gear he's got for you...

Hard Light (auto rifle) —  don't buy
In theory this ought to be an interesting, high-utility energy weapon. Hard Light is unique among auto rifles because its rounds have no range drop-off. The fact you can swap between elemental damage types by holding the reload key should also make it versatile in encounters where combatants have multiple shield types. Unfortunately that theory is rendered nonsense by Hard Light's equally unique screen shake effect, which isn't even remedied by the additional stability offered by unlocking the exotic catalyst. It's baffling that Bungie hasn't removed the shake, given that players have complained about it constantly, but until the situation changes it's not worth the slot.


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Wings of Sacred Dawn (Warlock chest) — don't buy  
Beyond making meme 'floaty boi' builds for your Warlock, this chest piece—which enables you to hover in mid-air when ADS—doesn't come close to justifying its use when Warlock has access to stuff like Lunafaction Boots and Phoenix Protocol. Part of the problem is that top tree Dawnblade, which has all the aerial-based perks which Wings of Sacred Dawn is designed to synergise with, just can't compete with healing power of middle tree or the add clear of bottom tree. A shame, because aesthetically it's sensational, in a Cirque du Soleil meets high concept oriental restaurant kind of way.

Perk 1: Unflinching Grenade Launcher Aim / Unflinching Sidearm Aim / Unflinching Submachine Gun Aim

Perk 2: Auto Rifle Reserves / Sidearm Reserves

Helm of Saint-14 (Titan helmet) — maybe buy
The Defender Titan's 'bubble' is pretty far from being meta these days, largely thanks to Warlock's Well of Radiance offering much more effective team support. Nonetheless, in certain niche scenarios—such as playing solo, while being swarmed—the enemy-blinding effect from this hat can come in clutch. The perk roll on this  particular helm of Saint-14 is pretty appealing, with Heavy Lifting and Machine Gun Reserves being a great combo for quickly juicing your super bar up via LMG kills.

Perk 1: Light Reactor / Ashes to Assets / Heavy Lifting

Perk 2: Sniper Rifle Reserves / Machine Gun Reserves

Gemini Jester (Hunter boots) — don't buy 
These boots had a brief period in the PvP spotlight thanks to their ability to disorientate nearby opponents caught in the wave released whenever you dodge. getting the most out of them requires an in-your-face kind of play style which won't be for everyone, especially now most enemies will now be toting shotguns and fusion rifles that can gun you down before you even start those sort of shenanigans. In PvE the Jesters are an absolute non-starter, again largely because they're outclassed by damage boosting exotics such as Raiden Flux and Celestial Nighthawk. The other thing to factor in is that they look hideous in a just stumbled drunkenly out of MC Hammer's closet kind of way.

Perk 1: Scout Rifle Dexterity / Enhanced Sniper Rifle Dexterity / Machine Gun Dexterity

Perk 2: Hand Cannon Scavenger / Scout Rifle Scavenger
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