» » Finally explore Elsweyr, the Khajiit homeland, in The Elder Scrolls Online's New Chapter

Finally explore Elsweyr, the Khajiit homeland, in The Elder Scrolls Online's New Chapter

For the majority of modern Elder Scrolls history, Khajiit characters have been confined within the other nations of Tamriel, made to explore and save the lands of other races. In Elsweyr, the latest Chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online, the cats are finally out of the bag. This time, they'll be saving their own home from destruction. Not only can you explore the arid deserts of the Khajiit homeland, but you'll be able to meet the extended members of the Khajiit family that we've so far only heard of in tall tails.

In Elsweyr's main city of Rimmen, types of Khajiit never before seen in an Elder Scrolls game walk the streets and peddle their wares surrounded by their own kind. The most familiar Khajiit blend, the anthropomorphic Cathay who walk on two legs and have opposable thumbs, are the cat folks that most players will recognize from Elder Scrolls. These are the same furry folks that players are able to choose during character creation in ESO. Different furstocks (read: species) of Khajiit have appeared in Elder Scrolls lore, but the more exotic and fantastic Khajiit breeds have finally appeared in the flesh (or fur, rather).

The Khajiit people are a marvelous rainbow of sizes and dispositions, and the Elsweyr Chapter makes sure to explore the entire spectrum. The giant tiger patterned Pahmar Khajiit often stand twice as tall as the races of men and are known to work as bodyguards and heavy lifters. The muscular quadrupedal senche-Raht Khajiit work as pack mules and mounts, but they are no less sentient than their bipedal cousins. 

The Dagi Khajiit are smaller, agile and evasive cats known to live in the treetops of Elsweyr's southern jungles. Smallest of the bunch, the Alfiq, look just like house cats, though they resent being treated like pets. Despite a lack of human-like hands, the Alfiq are known to wear clothes, which they apparently put on with their considerable spellcasting talents. ESO introduces you to all these cool new cats in their natural habitat. After dismounting your own Senche-Raht mount, don't be surprised if you walk into a tavern to find another occupying a table and making conversation.


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Though Elsweyr has all the familiar trappings of an ESO Chapter: new public dungeons, achievements, and group bosses, the towering landscapes and architecture are like nothing else in ESO to date. Elsweyr's map is packed with spires and statues with a flair completely different from every other one of Tamriel's homelands. The new map is drenched in Khajiit culture: a countryside dotted with moon sugar plantations and dungeons decorated with statues of Khajiit deities. Unlike even Khenarthi's Roost or Reaper's March, both nominally part of Elsweyr, Khajiit characters finally have a place that feels like home.

Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr

Elsweyr is more than a picturesque landscape in the new Chapter, it's also the ground zero for a new epic conflict. Elsweyr is literally and figuratively on fire, its inhabitants lament to your adventurer. The main city of Rimmen is occupied by usurper queen Euraxia Tharn. Dragons have been unleashed to terrorize the countryside. Necromancy, the forbidden practice of raising the dead into battle, is rampant. The Khajiit homeland is ravaged by the forces fighting over its land and secrets and it is the player's job to put these threats to rest. 

More than just a new Chapter, Elsweyr's map is a delight to explore. Its vistas are worth a thousand words, while new types of Khajiit each have stories of their own to tell. Elsweyr is worth getting to know and save, especially for Khajiit players looking to finally come home.
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