» » Defeat dragons alongside other heroes in Elsweyr, The Elder Scrolls Online's new Chapter

Defeat dragons alongside other heroes in Elsweyr, The Elder Scrolls Online's new Chapter

n The Elder Scrolls Online's new Chapter, you can travel to the Khajiit region of Elsweyr, where their warm sands suffer under Imperial occupation and the sky is scorched with dragon fire. The Khajiit are no longer the masters of their ancestral homeland, and unlike in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you’re not the Dragonborn. It will take more than one hero to defeat these new top predators!

While adventuring in Elsweyr, a dragon can appear overhead at any moment, soaring above across the desert to land in one of any number of locations. By looking to the sky and your map, you and your fellow adventurers can track a dragon to its chosen battleground. Although much of The Elder Scrolls Online can be overcome as a solo player, dragon hunts are designed to be approached in groups (although, it should be noted that you don’t need to group up to take part! See our solo play article for more).

Every dragon you encounter in Elsweyr has a deadly suite of abilities that can prove fatal to the inattentive warrior. When on the ground and surrounded by attackers, they are able to swing out with their giant wingspan to kill swaths of adventurers at once. Some summon Iron Atronachs and lava spikes. Many will set off devastating area of effect fire attacks that turn a battlefield deadly within seconds. Others you will hear shouting the familiar "Fus Ro Dah," the unrelenting force shout that knocks attackers off their feet.


Dragons Return to Tamriel in Elsweyr, part of the Season of the Dragon year-long adventure. Buy it here

After doing battle on the ground, fights can quickly change when a dragon returns to the sky. While airborne, they are able to scorch the earth with a line of fire across the ground. Afterwards, most will land on a higher perch, changing the fight from melee to ranged. As each dragon stalks the battlefield, players have to adapt to the constantly shifting dangers. If you lose focus for even a few seconds, you may find yourself needing resurrection multiple times in the same fight.

Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr

Although dragon hunts themselves can be difficult, jumping in to participate in one couldn't be easier. Like other large open-world fights in ESO, players are able to take on the challenge as a spontaneous collection of eager participants without the headache of forming a raid party and developing an intricate battle plan. When the fight is won, everyone who pitches is able to walk away with the loot—meaning that new and old players can collaborate without being at odds.

Although the masses of participants flocking to a dragon fight resemble other open world battles in ESO, the unpredictable nature of dragon hunting makes each chase a fresh challenge. Dragons fly to any number of different battle locations on the map. You’ll never know which spot the Dragon chooses until they arrive and land there. You're better off keeping your wits about you than simply camping out at a known spawn location.

The constant threat of death from above makes adventuring in Elsweyr an urgent, exciting affair. Along with a huge amount of quests to complete, exotic locations to explore, and beasts to defeat, the Khajiiti homeland becomes a hotbed of adventure every time you log in.

You can find Elsweyr online here.
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