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8 Android Q gestures that will change how you use your phone

When Google releases Android Q later this year, you'll gain the ability to ditch the staple three-button navigation that we've had on Android for years. With Android Q, Google goes all in on gesture-based navigation. Even the back button disappears, despite Google keeping it around in Android Pie. The new gestures are very iPhone-like, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

We know about Android Q and the included gestures thanks to Google's beta program, which you can sign up for and take part in if you're willing to deal with random bugs and issues. That said, it's entirely possible Google changes how the new gestures look or behave, and if that happens, we'll be sure to update this post. 

Gesture navigation in Android Q is optional -- for now, at least -- so you'll have to purposely opt in to using it. Here's how to enable it, and then how to use all of the new gestures we can find right now, including how to master the new back gesture.

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Enable gestures
The process will vary based on who makes your phone, but if you search the Settings app for "Gestures," you shouldn't have any issue finding it. However, here's how to enable gesture navigation on a
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