» » Auto Chess gets a $1 Custom Pass for cosmetics and extra win bonuses

Auto Chess gets a $1 Custom Pass for cosmetics and extra win bonuses

The developers of Auto Chess, the brilliant deck-based custom game for Dota 2, have released a $1 Custom Pass that nets you a few cosmetics and extra win bonuses.

If you buy the pass, which lasts 30 days, you'll get a golden border for your avatar, golden paint for your chat messages and a gold effect on your damage projectiles. You'll also get a Baby Roshan courier as your chess player, as well as the right to vote on new chess pieces or pieces that need rebalancing.

Lastly, grabbing the pass unlocks a daily first win bonus: with the pass active you'll receive five bonus candy for your first top three finish every day, and another five for your first outright win.

source : pcgamer.com

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