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What is the least bad videogame movie?

So we're on the same page, "least bad" is just a funnier way of saying most good. And some videogame movies have to be the most good, comparatively speaking. We recently saw the trailer for Doom: Annihilation, which brought this topic to mind. It doesn't look super promising, but then it's not up against a lot of competition.

This is our attempt to nail that competition down: What is the least bad videogame movie? And no, you can't say The King of Kong. Come on now.

Andy Kelly: Silent Hill

I saw this at the cinema, and I remember emerging thinking, hey, that was fine. It's a totally serviceable horror film with some interesting effects work. It's nowhere near as unsettling or subtle as the games it's based on, verging into the schlocky at times, but there are a few scenes that nicely capture the distinctive vibe of the source material. I also like that they used some of Akira Yamaoka's music, because honestly, no Hollywood composer could do any better for that particular setting. His music is as much a part of Silent Hill as anything else. 

Is it a good film? Eh, not really. But in the pantheon of videogame adaptations it's a damn masterpiece. Those Sean Bean scenes are weird, though. I love the Bean, but it's glaringly obvious his scenes were written and shot later. 

Jarred Walton: Resident Evil

As far as movie adaptations of games go, coming out on top is faint praise. Wing Commander, WarCraft, Doom... there are so many bad examples that all we need is a mediocre film to rise above the crowd. I do have a quick disclaimer, though: I have never played most of the Resident Evil games. Perhaps that's why I'm able to sit back and just watch the story unfold, without getting hung up on whether it's true to the source material. 

It's like books being turned into movies—even the best movies often fall short. Anyway, I've watched most of the Resident Evil movies, and while none of them are amazing, I thought the first was at least reasonably well done and entertaining as a horror flick.
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