» » iPhone X Fold Proposes New Approach for Apple Foldable Phone

iPhone X Fold Proposes New Approach for Apple Foldable Phone

A few days ago we saw a bunch of renders showing off various versions of foldable iPhones in patents. Those inspired a few renders and concepts, but not hugely convincing ones. A new render appears today, clearly inspired by the Galaxy Fold. Meet the iPhone X Fold below.

The device has some elegance about it and very discrete hinge. It’s well disguised and from what I can see the screen seemed layered on a flexible skeleton. From what I can see the device is all screen, tow two screens inside and at least one outside, maybe even two, for a total of 4 screens. When totally opened the hinge becomes invisible and there’s no seam or crease.

The way the device looks when folded reminds me of an older Nokia Communicator, or a smaller Sony Vaio. If this device really happens, that should go down in 2020, according to insiders. The iPhone X Fold has a 1:3 aspect ratio for the external screen, while the inner screen has a 2:3 aspect. Just for the sake of accuracy, this concept was designed by Roy Gilsing for Foldable.News.

The landscape view of the device triggers a very convincing virtual keyboard and there’s that Sony Vaio comparison again… It feels like a mini notebook with a hole cutout for the camera. We don’t have a diagonal size here, but I’m guessing 7 inches is the way to for the unfolded machine.
source : tablet-news.com
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