» » Canon EOS 2000D initial review: Asserting DSLR's entry-level place in a smartphone world?

Canon EOS 2000D initial review: Asserting DSLR's entry-level place in a smartphone world?

£470 with 18-55mm lens
The camera market is more divided than ever before. Hot off the heels of Samsung announcing its new flagship S9 smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2018 - with a dual aperture lens camera unlike anything in a phone before it - Canon, in a sphere all of its own, announces its newest entry-level DSLR: the EOS 2000D.

Which is an interesting dichotomy, especially with cash-strapped consumers who might be thinking a pocketable top-tier phone (a £850+ one, at that) might be the answer compared to a bulkier, traditional (and admittedly cheaper, at £470) entry-level DSLR camera.

Still, the 2000D - which replaces the 1300D in the line-up - makes good on Canon's long-standing affordable range, upping its predecessor's pixel count to match much of its range, at 24-megapixels. And, of course, with a large-scale sensor at its core this "proper camera” has the scope to be an imaging delight. Is it good enough to continue to lure in the punters, or has the entry-level DSLR market run out of tricks?

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Built-in optical viewfinder, 95 per cent coverage, 0.8x magnification
3-inch, 920k-dot fixed LCD (no touchscreen, no variable bracket)
Wi-Fi & NFC, auto-transmit to Canon app
Canon EF/EF-S lens mount
129 x 103 x 78mm; 475g
The EOS 2000D doesn't pull any surprises. This is Canon doing what Canon does, utilising its established DSLR design to push that familiarity to new users who can then take that on board and continue to grow through Canon's more advanced and pricier range. That's what the brand will be hoping for anyway.
source : pocket-lint.com
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