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Cut-out cameras

All four versions of the S10 are distinguished from last year's models by embedding the front cameras within their displays.

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The phone's selfie camera is surrounded by its screen
Samsung refers to this as being the Infinity O design, but it is more commonly referred to as the "hole punch".

The move allows the phones to feature a thinner top bezel without having the kind of "notch" found on many rivals.

It has, however, caused the firm to ditch the eye iris-scanner introduced in the S8.

Samsung says a new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor placed under the screens of the three higher-end phones offers close to the same level of security, and is more convenient to use than a scanner formerly placed on phone backs.

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A graphic symbol tells users where they need to press to provide a fingerprint
It is based on a technology unveiled by Qualcomm in 2015.

All versions of the handset feature wireless charging and introduce the ability to wirelessly charge other compatible devices in turn.

This mirrors a feature first offered by Huawei's Mate 20.

Samsung demoed the facility at a dual London and San Francisco launch as a way to recharge a new pair of Bluetooth headphones without having to use a separate cable or power mat.

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The phone can be used to send power to the Galaxy Buds' charging case
Smarter photography
All four devices now feature a 10 megapixel selfie camera and introduce a 16MP "ultra-wide" rear version, which offers a slightly larger field-of-view than our eyes.

The S10+ also has a second selfie camera to help it take depth readings.

Other improvements include:

the ability to detect 10 additional types of scene, so as to automatically adjust the colours and sharpness to suit the subject. These now include shoes, cats and clothing
a "super steady" video mode that combines both digital and optical stabilisation to create the kind of smooth footage that would traditionally have required a gimbal or other add-on stabiliser
an Instagram mode makes it easier to upload images to the social network directly from Samsung's camera app
In addition, the S10+ and S10 5G now offer up to one terabyte of internal storage, which the firm says could appeal to those shooting lots of 4K video or storing many game files.

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The S10 phones can tell when they are taking photos of a shoe and will adjust the image to suit
"What's positive is that Samsung has moved away from software that nobody wants - like AR emojis and Samsung Cloud - and has gone back to its roots to deliver market-leading hardware," commented Ben Stanton, from market analysis firm Canalys.

"So for the premium part of the market, these are good phones.

"But my concern is that [they are still] not innovative enough to stop people from looking down to lower-price bands and being drawn into mid-range products from Chinese companies that are super-competitive."
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