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The top 25 laptop battery life performers from CNET Labs

The most important feature for many laptop shoppers is battery life, and rightly so.

Based on the extensive battery testing conducted in the CNET Labs, these are the 25 PCs with the longest battery-life scores that we've seen over 2017-2018. This list includes Windows and MacOS laptops, Windows two-in-one hybrids, and Chromebooks running Google's Chrome OS. Not included are Android or iOS tablets.

The specific test used here streams a private video over Wi-Fi on an endless loop. Note that these scores reflect the specific configurations we tested, and that screen resolution and CPU choice are some of the major factors that affect battery life.

Read more CNET laptop reviews here, or jump to the last page in this gallery to see all the top performers listed. 
source : .cnet.com
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