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Here's 30 minutes of Fallout 76 gameplay

  Two of us got to play Fallout 76 at an event held by Bethesda in West Virginia last week, and we've got the footage to prove it! Unfortunately it wasn't the PC version of the game, it was a build on Xbox One, but we still got a few hours of …

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Watch a nuke getting dropped on us in Fallout 76

  Bethesda made a big deal of giving Fallout 76 players the ability to fire off nukes, but are they legitimate weapons of mass destruction? We got our answer at a recent event Bethesda held in West Virginia: yes, they are. Check out the …

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Fallout 76 has Red Dead-style treasure maps

  There are dozens of treasure maps hidden in Fallout 76 which bear an uncanny resemblance to the ones found in Red Dead Redemption. Each map depicts some crudely drawn scenery complete with an all-important X, and that's basically it. You …

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