iOS 11.3 will let you disable battery-related throttling

  Peter 24 January 2018Apple iOS This spring iPhone 6 (and later) users will regain control over the performance of their phone. iOS 11.3 will add more detailed info on the battery’s health and whether or not the chipset is throttled. If it …

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iOS 13.1 puts a 5W cap on some wireless chargers

Michail, 04 October 2019Apple iOS According to new reports, Apple’s iOS 13.1 is putting a 5W cap on certain wireless chargers. The issue seems to be affecting both Apple certified and non-certified wireless pads. According to some reports, Qi …

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IDC: Apple leads a growing tablet market in Q3

  Michail, 01 November 2019Tablets Apple Amazon Samsung Huawei Lenovo The tablet market showed some signs of life during the Q3 period, with a 1.9% year over year growth. The latest report from the International Data Corporation (IDC) shows …

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